Utility Location Services for Residential, Commercial, and Industrial Projects in Sydney

Eliminate the considerable costs associated with interruptions or delays due to discovering an undocumented underground service. At Locate & Map we work with you to deliver a tailored project package that will minimise downtime and damage, and maximise profitability.

From fibre optic cables to reflective high pressure oil and gas pipes, our team are experienced in locating and identifying the full range of subsurface utilities.

Using electromagnetic induction and ground penetrating radar, Locate & Map will pinpoint and accurately trace utilities for your residential, commercial and industrial projects.

Combined with our seasoned drafting services, you will receive comprehensive location and mapping support.

Locate & Map are certified to locate the following services;

  • Fibre optic cables
  • High pressure oil & gas pipes
  • Water and sewage pipes
  • Gas piping
  • Electrical and telephone cabling
  • High Voltage cabling

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