Site Surveying and Drafting for Civil and Construction Projects in Sydney

Our dedicated team of experts provide end-to-end drafting services from pre-project planning and surveying to delivering high quality and accurate as-built drawings for you and your client’s records.

Locate & Map’s drafting team work hand in hand with our surveyors and assessors to locate and map subsurface services and structures, providing peace of mind for the execution of any excavation or penetration works. Our experienced team of drafters work closely with engineers and project managers throughout the process to ensure your plans are current and accurate throughout the lifecycle of your works.

At Locate & Map we are experienced with both 12d® and AutoCAD®. This software pair allows us to create detailed accurate map of subsurface utilities means that you have clear guidelines for trenching and excavation, reducing the need for manual service location and reducing the risks of earthworks in complex and diverse environments.

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