Comprehensive Concrete Scanning Services in Sydney and Surrounding NSW

Locate & Map provide a comprehensive concrete scanning service allowing project engineers and designers to identify frameworks, supports and services in concrete structures.

In order to make informed, safe, and profitable decisions when planning projects requiring cutting, coring or drilling into concrete, it is crucial to prepare a detailed assessment of the structure prior to penetration.

Using subsurface imaging techniques including GPR, the team at Locate & Map can precisely identify any material variation in concrete slabs and structures. That means not only do you know where existing supports and services are, you can also identify the quality and integrity to best plan your drilling, cutting or coring.

Combined with our experienced drafting services, the team at Locate & Map collaborate with you to provide the best in location and mapping support.

Concrete scanning identifies frameworks, services and supports including;

  • Rebar and steel mesh
  • Pipes and cables
  • Post / Pre tension cables
  • Optimal Core drilling position
  • Conduits and electrical wiring
  • Structural integrity including voids, cracks and deterioration

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