Specialists in Utility Location, Surveying and Drafting for Sydney & Surrounds

Locate and Map provide a seamless integrated service for identifying and documenting underground utilities, structures and assets. Our expert team work with you to develop cost effective and flexible solutions when planning subsurface penetration or excavation.

Our personnel have the expertise and demonstrated competency to deliver detection and mapping services across domestic, commercial, civil and industrial applications.

Surveying Services

Locate & Map provide efficient and effective surveying services for Sydney and surrounds. Our professional team work with you throughout the lifecycle of your project, delivering accurate and detailed designs.

Combined with our drafting and 3D modelling services, you will receive comprehensive end-to-end location and mapping support.

Utility Location

Eliminate the risks of potential damage, disruption to services and costs related to lost time and changes in project scopes with Locate & Map’s utility location services.

Our team are trained and experienced with the latest in state-of-the-art scanning, detection and imaging equipment. We will thoroughly map out cables, pipes, and other underground services so that you can confidently proceed with your excavation or penetration works.

Drafting & 3D Modelling

We provide technical expertise in drafting and modelling to deliver accurate and detailed designs so that you can develop robust and cost effective project plans. Our drafters are experienced with

12d®, AutoCAD® , and 3D Utility Mapping services, which means that you will receive the highest quality detailed plans for your project.

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