Surveying Services for Residential, Commercial, and Industrial Projects in Sydney

From domestic construction to large scale industrial applications, an accurately surveyed and mapped site minimises damages and delays for aboveground installation and underground works.

Locate & Map provide a seamless integrated service including the initial surveying and locating of services, structures, and assets, combined with expert drafting in 12d®, AutoCAD® , and our 3D Utility Mapping services.

Our professional personnel appreciate that timing is everything when it comes to surveying. An efficient effective service can mean the difference between a well planned and executed project, and a project that is plagued with delays. Whether you require a simple plan prior to commencing a domestic project, or complex multi-stage verifications, at Locate & Map we have you covered.

Locate & Map are certified to provide the following services;

  • Insert list of specific council or DA type work that you do (individual domestic services)
  • Insert list of specific council or DA type work that you do (for builders etc)
  • Insert list of specific construction / civil surveying that you do

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